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kady rain's new singles, bad kids, lonely one and it wasn't the roses are out now!


Kady Rain

Kady Rain might be the only person who ever took the recorder seriously. In her heyday, she could play Yankee Doodle faster than any person at her elementary school. It was an early sign of her strong interest in music and she loved expressing herself with an instrument. But she couldn’t sing and play the recorder at the same time, so she had to move on, because Kady knew from a very early age that she wanted to sing.


By the time she turned eleven, Kady was already trying to coordinate performances and perfect harmonies with the neighbor girls. Kady fondly recalls organizing a twenty person slumber party to create, in her eyes, the perfect performance. She did this over and over again, to songs like Mambo Number 5, hits by N*SYNC, Aqua, Eiffel 65, anything on the radio.


Kady’s urge to perform was so strong that by 13 she had started taking guitar lessons, aiming to learn “the entire Beatles catalogue”. Kady would also do karaoke on her front porch to the cars passing by, mostly singing the songs from her favorite CD at the time, John Lennon’s greatest hits.


At 15, Kady started her first band, The Pickpockets. With rock n’ roll in her heart and a guitar strapped to her body, she played her first show at the Broken Spoke, a world famous honky tonk venue. Kady continued to play shows throughout high school, most notably at Ruta Maya.


Kady cycled through a number of different musical projects as she went through her early twenties, including a short stint as the frontwoman for a sludge metal band, and a brief hiatus from normal life when she saved up enough money for a six-month road trip across the country. By the summer of 2014 however, Kady realized she needed to get serious about her career, and she already had someone in mind for her new project. Ben Bazzrea was staking his claim as a songwriter when he and Kady reconnected over a cup of coffee. They had worked together at Starbucks several years previously and would talk about pop music for hours during their shared shifts. After noticing the strong similarities between their visions, they decided to team up. Two years later, the All I Ever Wanted EP was released on August 26th 2016, to overwhelmingly positive reviews, with Wolf in a Suit naming Kady Rain one of The Top 5 New Indie Queens of Music.

Fast forward two years, four remixes, an additional release and several million plays across all platforms later, Kady Rain is releasing new music May of 2018 with more music to come.





R.A.D. Moves was named Stephen Thompson of NPR Music's Song of the Summer 2018! - Pop Culture Happy Hour

“An irresistibly catchy and feel-good summer dance tune from start to finish.” – Wonky Sensitive

“Right as we hit the final days of summer, Kady Rain delivers something that will keep the sun shining for just a little longer, and dancing a little more.” – Pursuit of Dopeness

"All I Ever Wanted is a powerful introduction to the world and showcases a bright pop sensibility that will make Rain a favorite of teens across the globe!” - PopWrapped

"Kady Rain just has the bubblegum pop genre in her bag. Rain is a blue-haired Texan who mixes smart, pop music with hints of indie rock sophistication." – Buffablog

“Kady Rain music is on the rise!” – Bandwidth Daily

“R.A.D. Moves is an upbeat pop romp, the bass-line carries you through the verse and then Kady’s vocal opens up in anticipation for the chorus. It’s a pure hook led track, if the pre-chorus melody isn’t catchy enough for you then the following section should placate that feeling. Even the bridge is catchy!” – Purple Melon Music (UK)

Upcoming shows

Thursday, april 11th - opening for boyfriend - the parish - Facebook Event - buy tickets here!

Saturday, April 20th - Microsessions - balance dance studios - buy tickets here!

Saturday, May 4th - Goons Album Release Party w/ Cavern Company - Empire Control Room - Facebook Event - Buy Tickets Here!

Tuesday, May 7th - Umlauf After Dark - Umlauf Sculpture Garden - facebook event - buy tickets here!


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