If pop music is rooted in chemistry, then there's an elusive element on the Periodic Table called Jepsenium (Je), which transforms an ecstatic little summer jam into a full-blown pop juggernaut. Kady Rain's got Jepsenium in her blood, and "R.A.D. Moves" is her "Call Me Maybe" — the sort of song that, if it hits, could enjoy a pop-chart shelf life measured in years, not weeks.
Austin’s pop queen, Kady Rain calibrates lovesick synth-pop
Austin pop breakout with a knack for dance floor glitter bombs buoyed by accessible sing-along hooks
A fizzy, joyous, ridiculously infectious song that doubles as a potent reminder: You can love pop music, the slicker the better, and still find a Song of the Summer that others haven't yet embraced.
Hyper-catchy pop with lyrics both puerile and intelligent – wrapped in a kaleidoscopic, candy-coated aesthetic.
...the resilient Kady Rain has released countless hits, including “RAD Moves,” NPR’s 2018 Song of the Summer. She has performed at Austin City Limits Music Festival and named Austin’s Next Megastar by multiple publications, all while advocating for feminist and LGBTQIA+ causes.
Kady is an Austin based emerging talent who has been making a name for herself with vibrant pop releases
By creating an easily digestible brand of shimmering musical goodness, Kady Rain has cultivated a loyal following of fans both local and abroad. Through hard work and dedication, this ATX native has grown into a leader, advocate, and vanguard of Austin’s growing pop music scene.
With her highlighter-colored hair, bright smile, and upbeat music, Kady Rain looks and sounds like a pop princess in the same vein as Katy Perry. But this 28-year-old singer-songwriter is one tough woman, surviving abuse and advocating for self-expression and self-love through electro-pop tunes.
The colorful singer offers pure bubblegum pop in a PVC skirt and is known for her onstage storytelling and bubbly melodies that will stick in your head all day. Just don’t take your eyes off the show, or you’ll be missing half of it.
Kady Rain doesn’t just stand out with her vibrant look and unicorn colors. Her infectious sound has attracted tastemaker blogs